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(corporal punishment)

"Let go!" Damian tugged against Grayson’s grip as he was dragged across the living room toward the couch. "Please, Grayson! I won’t do it again!"

"I’m sure you won’t."  Far from dissuaded, Grayson hefted Damian into his arms to quell his struggle and carried him the remainder of the distance. 

Damian buried his face in Grayson’s shoulder and moaned in defeat, well aware of what he had coming.  He pouted and made himself look as pitiful as he could manage when Grayson sat and stood Damian in front of his knees, but the older boy’s expression remained stern.

"I don’t like to punish you, Damian," he said lowly.

Damian scowled. “Yes you do! You clearly enjoy it.”

The firm frown on Grayson’s face brightened into a grin. “Maybe a little bit.  C’mere.”

Grayson locked his arms around Damian and wrangled him until he was prone on the couch alongside him, his head pillowed on Grayson’s chest.  He smoothed Damian’s hair down, embracing him securely while Damian continued to resist.

"No one else gets punished with cuddling!" Damian wailed, writhing to escape as Grayson shushed him and hummed a few notes from a lullaby. "You’re so unfair! Can’t you just beat me and be done with it?"

Beneath Damian’s ear, Grayson’s chest rumbled with soft laughter.  His arms refused to yield their hold, and Damian eventually stopped straining against them.  The hushed refrain of the lullaby continued to lull him while Grayson’s hand rubbed slow circles on his back. “Dami,” Grayson’s voice called to him when he was almost asleep. “Can you promise me you won’t use that word again when talking to Alfred? Or anyone else, really.  It’s not nice at all.”

"Yes, Grayson," Damian mumbled, eyes fluttering as slumber claimed him. "I’m sorry for disappointing you."

"It’s okay.  I think that’s enough now.  Your punishment is over." Grayson’s arms loosened, allowing for escape, but the little boy stayed tucked close to him.

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